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Specializing in supply  mine support & steel rail.

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    Founded in January 12, 2001 in the National High-tech Area in Tangshan, Hebei, Tangshan Zhongbei Metallurgy Co., Ltd. is a business entity that integrates furnace refractory production and the purchase, storage, sale and transportation of steel. 
    Scope of operation: mine supporting steel, supporting steel, steel rail, channel steel; scraper steel, π-shaped steel; skewed slot and other mine steel; We self-produce 8# joist steel and furnace refractory and have become the material supplier of Tangshan Steel. For years, we have enjoyed close cooperation with related enterprises. Presently the prices of our mine steel are lower than the manufacturers’ list prices.
    We also sell such products as band plate pipe, I-grooved angle, spiral, carbon knot, H-shaped steel and section bars, all of which shall implement the national standards.
    Our company is a subordinate of Tangshan Beizhong Transportation Co., Ltd., which is an independent legal entity and is qualified for road and sea transportation. The business operation of this company includes the road, sea and rail transport nationwide and is guided by the service objective of “making clients rest assured and satisfied”.
    Since September 2006, our company had been rated as “AAA-level high-integrity enterprise” and “famous steel marketing industry in China” by Credit Evaluation Management Center for Chinese enterprises, Chinese Market Monitoring Center, China Alliance on Supplies Information, China network on purchase of supplies information, Modern Logistics News and other organizations.